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Welcome to Cooper Creative Group. Cooper Creative Group specializes in working with small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to provide sophisticated marketing and branding solutions. Led by advertising executive Sara Cooper, Cooper Creative Group was founded in 2010 and operates as a consortium of local experts in marketing, public relations, information technology, and communications. With Cooper Creative Group, you can count on flexibility in customizing each project, face-to-face meetings, unique access to trends in the local communities and regional markets, and a network of trusted relationships on which to build your brand.

At CCG, we live by what we call the “Three C” philosophy: Content, Consistency, and Courtesy. We work across a variety of industries, one client at a time, and establish brand recognition through the platforms that will grow your business. This is how we insure excellent service for the most important “C” of all—our clients. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to get a healthy dosage of the philosophy, tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Give us a call at 609-977-5508 to discuss how we can collaborate!

Social Media

Enhance your reach and “build a buzz.” Cooper Creative Group delivers customized social media marketing strategies, and authentic content and connections. Our plans have had tangible success.


Your logo is an essential visual element of your brand and one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox. Let our graphic design professionals develop a logo that represents your business’s unique personality.


You need a captivating and engaging web site that works for you as well as your customers. Cooper Creative Group has capabilities for web site design, consultation, and training.


A marketing plan is essential to enhancing any brand for both existing and potential stakeholders. Cooper Creative Group offers our professional network as well as creative ideas to develop a marketing plan that suits your needs.

Public Relations

A few well-written sentences can move mountains, open doors and expand opportunities. Whether it’s articles, press releases, blogs, or even website copy, let our creative writing team go to work for your brand.

Event Planning

Events of all varieties and scope are a key component in drawing audiences to you and building your brand. Cooper Creative Group will work with you to coordinate your event, with “Impeccable Attention to Detail” as our mantra.

Print Media

Cooper Creative Group has extensive experience with local and national print media. We are firm believers that this platform will always have an important and unique impact, and so plays a meaningful role in marketing campaigns.

Compliments from our clients

“Sara Cooper and the Cooper Creative Group has left no stone unturned in working with TapSnap 1011. We met Sara at a Chamber of Commerce event. After having her photo taken and interacting with the TapSnap Kiosk and Anne Bradley, owner of TapSnap 1011, Sara has made it her mission to provide support every step of the way in getting us established in the community. Sara’s enthusiasm for developing brand recognition for
our business is infectious. After every interaction with Sara, it infuses a burst of energy and creative process into our business. I know, with Sara on our side, TapSnap 1011 has in its arsenal everything necessary to explode and become the sought after photo entertainment (photo booth) of choice for everyone’s events!”
Anne Bradley, owner, TapSnap 1011

“Sara Cooper is all about building and sustaining relationships. This, with her wealth of knowledge and contacts, is what I believe sets her apart from others. I truly feel that she has my best interests at heart and is always looking out for my business and thinking of creative ideas for expansion. Sara is professional and brings years of experience to the table, yet she is relaxed and so comfortable to work with. She is expert in her field, but is also knowledgeable in so many other areas, which has made her an invaluable resource to me. When you work with Sara, you get the whole package! Not only is she a delight to work with but the quality of her work is unprecedented.“
Leslie Conover, Membership and Marketing Director, Trenton Country Club

fluid physio logo

“Super intuitive and fantastic at increasing our reach. They have helped us in our community with brand awareness so much more than we imagined, helping us make connections that are priceless!”
– Dr. Gianni Bigliani, Founder of Fluid Physio

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