Technology Free Ways to Improve Hearing

by Caitlin Brady, Marketing Coordinator, Horizon Audiology

Quiet Down and Calm Down!

Here in New Jersey, we are often immersed in a loud environment. We are constantly bombarded by landscaping machines, car horns, the drone of an engine, screaming children, the music of family and friends, and more! Some of these noises, such as that from riding a snowmobile, can damage hearing in a surprisingly short amount of time, in this case 30 minutes! Add these sounds to our already busy lives, it’s no wonder that many of our staff and patients feel overwhelmed. We found an interesting article online from that we wanted to share with you, which talks about ways to have the best possible hearing capabilities throughout the aging process. We suggest you practice these strategies in addition to using good hearing protection and having a yearly hearing test, which is essential if you’re over the age of 55. These strategies are also useful to our patients who are new to hearing aids and feel bombarded by the sudden influx of noises they had been missing due to their hearing loss.

The first option suggests using meditation each day. You can begin with short sessions a few times per week or each morning, and extend the time if you find it helpful. The purpose of meditation is to utilize mindfulness and structured breathing to stay focused on useful sounds, and able to block out distracting background noise. Other solutions with similar results are sound isolation and noise filtering. Users can practice these exercises in a busier environment by focusing on important sounds to reteach the brain what they sound like, making them easier to recognize in the future. Oftentimes, our patients who have just received hearing aids feel overwhelmed by these noises they aren’t used to hearing, and these strategies may be helpful to calm their mind and reteach the brain about what a “normal” sounding environment sounds like.

Thank you to SoundHawk for the great article! You can read the full article, with extended instructions, here. We encourage our patients and other adults in the community to utilize these strategies, even if they require the added assistance of a hearing aid. They might even improve your overall wellness by helping you feel better too! If these strategies are helpful please let us know by leaving a review on our Facebook page. If you think you might require the assistance of a hearing aid, please call our office in East Windsor at (609) 448 9730 or in Pennington at (609) 303 0291. Our doctors would be happy to give you a hearing test and fit you with technology that best meets your listening needs.

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