You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

by Luci Waddell

When we hear the word “courtesy,” many of us think back to a time when men doffed their hats in the presence of a lady and women curtsied in return. Or how one was expected to relinquish his or her seat on the bus so an elderly person could sit. Even the simple pleasantries such as “Please” and “Thank you” come to mind. Although some of these practices are archaic, the concept of courtesy is still alive and well.

At Cooper Creative Group, we firmly believe courtesy is not only still relevant but has evolved into something far greater in the 21st century. While we do not expect to see Sir Walter Raleigh spreading his cape over a puddle for the Queen, what we do hope is that our small businesses will endeavor to extend modern-day courtesies to one other. These courtesies would include such actions as referrals, attending functions celebrating the opening of a new business, or something as simple as a “Like” and a “Share” on Facebook.

The importance of social media to the small business owner cannot be overstated. Obviously, expanding one’s client base is vital for success. By using Facebook, you will join the millions of businesses already profiting from the exposure this venue provides. You will also reap the benefits of reciprocity. This comes in the form of the aforementioned “Like” and “Share” features Facebook offers. By extending this courtesy to other small businesses, you will then be afforded the same consideration, thereby reaching far more potential customers.

We at Cooper Creative Group are here to assist and guide you through this process. Our goal is your success. We will be your brand’s best advocate!


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