Clever Minds for Clever People – An Inside Look at Cooper Creative Group

By Kyle Boatwright

The first time I see Sara Cooper, she is furiously typing on a little laptop, looking hard through pink reading glasses. She doesn’t see me. She stops for a second, purses her lips, and goes back to typing.

I let her work for a few more seconds, and then approach her. “Sara?”

She looks up. Her furrowed brow relaxes and she breaks into the warmest smile. “Kyle!” She gets up and hugs me, pinning my arms to my sides. And I immediately love her.

I’ve heard only good things about Sara—fabulous things, really. From what I’ve gathered, Sara Cooper is a force of nature. And I meet her now and I know for sure that she is.

As I take out my notebook, she launches into the story of her brain-child, Cooper Creative Group. What I learn immediately is that Sara cares. And she’s built a entire business based on that premise.

Outsiders see New Jersey as something on the outskirts of New York, and sometimes it is. So many of us commute into the city, and so many of us work for big businesses and corporations. But most of us who grew up here know that it’s more than meets the eye. It’s more than the city’s dumping grounds, more than bland marshlands, more than the Jersey Turnpike. It’s a beautiful state with a ton of small towns and closely-knit communities and, as such, many small businesses.

Enter Cooper Creative Group. Our towns thrive on local support. New Jersey is for the people, by the people. CCG has exactly one goal: to boost any and every small business, be they jewelry stores, dental practices, or non-profits.

This, of course, requires experts in a variety of fields. There’s marketing to be done, and underneath that marketing umbrella, there’s practically an infinite number of routes to explore. What do you think of when you hear the word “marketing?” Whatever you think, it’s probably not enough.

CCG, in short, covers everything. Sara’s pulled together a consortium of brilliant locals to cover every square inch under that umbrella. Financial planners, lawyers, writers, web designers, and more—all are available to advise and assist with the click of a button.

The advantage to having access to so many worlds is that CCG can easily adapt to suit unique needs. Need a press release for that book drive your team orchestrated? CCG’s got you covered. Need an update on your sorely outdated website, or access to social media? CCG can do it. Do you simply need an experienced mind to bounce ideas off of? Three letters: CCG.

The best part of all of this is that CCG is itself a small business. You know, then, that you’re not just getting generic, impersonal advice. You’re getting words of wisdom from people who are in the trenches with you. And CCG is in it for the long haul.

Sara Cooper smiles widely. She keeps talking. I keep writing. CCG keeps rolling.

About our guest blogger:
Kyle is a writer, actor, and musician living and working in Western Mass. Her recent ghostwritten publications have included an international bestseller as well as books on money management, which makes absolutely no sense since she has none of her own money to manage. She can frequently be found trapped in a theater somewhere, playing Super Mario for free on her laptop in coffee shops, or at home in her yoga pants, wishing she had more snacks.

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