Press Releases: Let’s Give Them Somethin’ to Talk About!

Kyle Boatwright

Press releases. For small businesses, there’s no better way to get the word out. It’s “word of mouth” on a grand scale.

A press release often seems like a scary or complicated thing to those of us who don’t know much about it. We hear the words and immediately picture ourselves trapped behind a podium, cameras flashing, journalists shouting at us (so, either deer in the headlights, or Olivia Pope in front of the fictitious White House).

It’s not that big, though. In fact, press releases, by nature, are short and sweet. They have to be.

Think of a press release as an invitation to a party. It provides the who, what, when, where, why, and how for all to see, and it does so quickly. It’s all the nitty-gritty details in one place.

The advantage here is that it’s a quick read. So many people stop reading an article when they see that the story continues on page 7. A press release says all the important stuff and wraps it up nicely before people even have a chance to realize they’ve learned something.

This is how you can quickly—and inexpensively—kill several birds with one stone. Say your business is reopening in a different location. Your existing clients probably know about the move in some capacity, and that’s great. But what about the potential customers who drive past your old place of business, thinking that they might go inside one day? For that matter, what about those people who don’t even know about you yet? If you don’t—literally—alert the press, you’ll effectively disappear off the face of the earth.

And that’s where press releases come in. By putting one out into the world, you not only tip the community off to something newsworthy—you advertise your business in a positive light.

Of course, your press release doesn’t have to be about something as big as a move. Did your business do something for the community recently? Let the people know. Did one of your employees achieve something special? Tell the world!  Doubt that your story is newsworthy? Take a look at the amount of articles about cats on the internet, and think again.

Newspapers are far from obselete, despite the ever-growing trend of information available online. This is especially true of local news—and as a small business owner, you can play that to your advantage. Anyone and everyone who picks up the paper will have a chance to hear about what you’ve accomplished lately, no matter how small you think it might be. Remember, you’re not just earning a few extra kudos—you’re giving your business a boost, a broader outreach within the community. People, potential customers and important connections alike, will hear about you. And they’ll hear about you straight from you.

So get the town talking. Believe it or not, you’re in charge of what people hear about you. There’s nothing false to worry about when you send out a press release—no scandal there! A press release advertises the very best of the best about you and your business, and you have control of all of it.

The media does have a standard format that they prefer for press releases. Chances are, unfortunately, that if they don’t receive the information in the appropriate format, they just won’t bother publishing it. If you’re interested in a press release and don’t know how to get started, contact Cooper Creative Group! Our resident writer, Kyle Boatwright, can handle all your press release needs, and we can even get you started with media contacts.

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