Cooper Creative Group knows that every business is unique, with equally unique goals and needs. So when you contact CCG, you can expect an initial meeting or two where we learn more about your vision, your company, and you. We’ll ask the relevant questions that will guide us in understanding your objectives: those that are important to you in a business development campaign. This also gives you a chance to get to know us, and to ask us those questions that can get the ball rolling.

Once we’ve established a relationship with you, CCG will provide a Working Arrangement, a document based on a customized proposal. Our Working Arrangement is a business plan tailored to your needs. When all is agreed, we’ll go forward, working together to execute the plan. Above all else, CCG seeks to be your best advocate.

What we can do for you

An Advertising Campaign

Cooper Creative Group begins every relationship by understanding that your business is unique, and therefore nothing should be ordinary about your media plan. Our passion is working with you to deliver a standout message to your market. Sara Cooper has extensive ad campaign experience, especially with local markets, and CCG can develop a personalized campaign strategy that presents a plan appropriately suited to your business. You’ll always have options with CCG: you can develop the content and run the campaign, or CCG can do it for you. CCG’s expertise in advertising means we know how to position a business effectively for the different media available—within budget.

A Website

Cooper Creative Group can either remake your existing website or launch a brand new site for you. Our first step is always to understand your business and how you want to use a website to serve it. From there, we’ll structure the site with the features and functions you’re looking for. If this is a new business and you need a logo, CCG can work with experienced firms to design one for you. We propose website taglines and content, and we’ll discuss ideas to better your web presence: do you want to blog periodically about your business or related topics? How often do you want to update your website? Based on your feedback, we are able to access photographers and copywriters. CCG also offers training at the website launch.

A Marketing Plan

Cooper Creative Group can create a user-friendly marketing roadmap tailored to your business to get your name out there. In an initial meeting, CCG will get to know your business, its focus and direction, and you. Based on the information from that meeting—and more if necessary—a plan will be structured that factors in such things as costs, reach, and effectiveness of each activity, allowing you to pursue the activities best suited to your business.


All client jobs are unique, so pricing will be based on the estimated amount of work at an agreed-upon rate. Our intent is to be as flexible as possible while fulfilling all of your needs. We evaluate the number of hours per week it will take to do the job, and billing typically happens on a monthly basis. You can always trust that both our services and our prices will reflect your goals, offering services that might typically be out of reach to small businesses.

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